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We are a Team of B2B Marketing Dedicated Professionals and Our Mission is to Bring your Marketing to the Next Level.

What We Do

We are a B2B Marketing agency dedicated to start-ups and small and medium sized businesses through consulting, outsourcing and training services.


Our clients come from a wide variety of sectors such as:

Advanced Materials
Artificial Intelligence
Embedded Systems

Information Technology
Managed Services
Natural Health Products
Professional Services

SaaS Applications
Telecom Equipment
Test Equipment
Transport Services
Wireless Systems, etc.

What We Do

Our Values

These 4 values guide us towards providing the best services.


We partner with our clients to develop a healthy, effective, and successful collaboration 


We are passionate about our work, and committed to helping our clients propel their business forward


We believe in transparent, honest communication with our clients for clarity and precision


We offer new ideas and new points of view because innovation is synonym of evolution

Our Values

How We Work

Whether through workshops, one-on-one discussions, surveys, research, content creation, reports, copywriting, etc.,

we always adhere to the following work ethic:


  • We partner with our clients for the long term - we are so much more that a one-time supplier. The work we do aims for successful, long-term benefits.


  • We make sure that each client benefits from new ideas, new points of view, and the latest expertise in marketing and communications, so they can innovate commercially and/or technologically.


  • We challenge our clients’ opinions, and they challenge ours, so we can find the best answers through transparent discussion and honest collaboration.


  • Marketing can be fuzzy sometimes. It’s not always clear where it starts and where it ends. We help clarify and elucidate what the best avenues are among all the possibilities.

Business Integration

  • We follow an integrated approach to marketing which involves all the different facets of marketing, the moving parts of our clients’ businesses as well as market opportunities and competition constraints.


  • Alypsa’s clients benefit from direct and dedicated communication so their requests are answered fast. When it comes to communicating, we put an emphasis on clarity, transparency, and timeliness.

Integrated Marketing

  • We take all aspects of marketing and communications into account, so that each achievement can easily be integrated and leveraged in the larger commercial scheme.

Knowledge Transfer:

  • Our objective is that each client becomes autonomous rather than dependent on us. This is why we put a huge emphasis on training and sharing throughout our journey.

How We Work
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Frederic Le Bouar is the founder and president of Alypsa Marketing. He has worked in the private sector since 1998 where he held senior management positions in marketing, communications, business development, and strategy. He worked for start-ups, SMBs and multinationals such as IBM, CGI and Harris Corporation. His expertise is in the B2B commercialization of product, services and solutions for local and global markets.

In 2012, he created Alypsa Marketing to leverage his passion and directly serve the B2B sector in regards to the penetration of new markets and the improvement of sale revenues through the use of precise and innovative marketing, communications and strategic initiatives.

Frederic holds a bachelor's degree in administration (B.A.) and a master's degree. sciences (M.Sc.), both from HEC Montreal.


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