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Improve the productivity, autonomy and retention of your employees with insightful trainings.

B2B commercialization is a particular field of expertise that businesses must understand and master to thrive.

Because of the Covid-19 situation, our trainings are currently provided online only.

Once the sanitary crisis is resolved, we will once again offer on-site training.

Our trainings are often customized but we also provide standard trainings such as: 

Senior Management 

  • Reconciliating top management and marketing

  • Managing Millennials / Gen-Y – How to attract, motivate and retain them

B2B Marketing Management

  • The specificities of B2B Marketing: what you need to know 

  • Building a B2B Marketing plan

  • Building the Marketing and Communications foundations for start-ups and SMBs

  • Building a B2B Marketing budget

Content Marketing

  • How to improve lead generation with content marketing


  • How to create a strong and engaging business brand

  • How to build an engaging employer brand

Lead Generation

  • B2B lead generation during Covid-19

  • Lead generation technics for B2B businesses

Digital Marketing

  • Digital B2B Marketing: how to use it and when you should not

Marketing Intelligence

  • How to perform a comprehensive market analysis

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