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Working Session in Group - Alypsa Strate


Think thoroughly about how to reach your goals, then implement.

We help you define and plan your business and marketing strategies to capture new markets.


Alypsa assists you in defining strategies that fit your goals, your markets, your resources, and your competitive environment.

Once defined, the devil is in the details, and this is when planning becomes critical. We help you plan and document precisely how your strategies will be implemented.

Examples of Deliverables:

  • Strategic Diagnostic

  • Market Analysis

  • Vertical Market Selection

  • Go-to-Market Strategies

  • Business Models

  • Business / Strategic Plans

  • Marketing & Communication Plans

  • Strategy Presentations



  • Strategic Reviews

  • Workshops

  • Executive Interviews

  • Market Research

  • Surveys & Focus Groups

  • Planning Documents


A start-up needed venture capital intake to develop its unique advanced material. A comprehensive strategic plan was required to get the required capital.


This start-up had developed a new manufacturing process, under patent approval, and which made it possible to obtain an advanced material that was unique. Already backed by angel investors, they needed to obtain additional venture capital to boost their growth potential. A complete strategic plan including product, sales & marketing strategies was required. 

After a thorough market analysis, eight possible applications were identified for the new material from which only one was selected based on technical feasibility and financial potential. Following hours of discussion, research, analysis and validation, an exhaustive strategic plan was produced which allowed the business to obtain the required capital investment.

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