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Leverage the infinite possibilities of the web and the social media.

We help you maximize what the web and social worlds can do for you.


The advent of the Internet and social medias has triggered the golden age of marketing, where reaching the right audience at a minimal cost has never been so easy. However, complexity has significantly increased with the refinement of the digital marketing sector.

We help our clients navigate, understand and leverage the web and social medias, so that they can grow their business by using the infinite possibilities that the digital world provides.

Examples of Deliverables:


  • Website diagnostic

  • Website content

  • Website design

  • Website improvement

  • eCommerce website (on Shopify)


Social Medias

  • Social media strategy

  • Social media page creation

  • Community management

  • Social post creation & publication


SEO / SEM / Paid Ads

  • SEO & SEM optimization

  • Paid Ads: Google, LinkedIn, Facebook

  • Social Media Campaigns


A professional services company, with an extended portfolio of services, needed to create a new website and to revamp its social media presence.


A successful professional services company needed to revamp its website which did not promote the 50+ services they offered. A throughout analysis of their extensive offering was undertaken by interviewing a dozen executives and subject matter experts.


Once this initial phase was completed, a second phase classified the entirety of the service portfolio, and a description was created for each service.


The third phase involved the design and integration of the new website, including new content, user interface, imagery, and optimal navigation. Social pages were finally created, which included some of the elements and content from the new website.

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