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Get the help you need from a team specialized in B2B Marketing and capture the market shares you deserve.

Consulting services are ideal for projects that are well-defined in time and scope.


A medium size company was betting its future on the worldwide launch of a new product.

A thorough plan was needed to ensure success.


This medium-sized business had an exciting new product that was to be launched in a matter of months.  Due to the strategic importance of the upcoming investment, they needed a new updated business plan that would include their current product lines as well as the new product to be launched worldwide.


A thorough market analysis was first done which allowed to clarify and better define the positioning of each product line (current and future), as well as international sales & marketing strategies.

The second phase involved a comprehensive P&L forecast for the next three years.


The third phase of the project involved the creation of the business plan which included the vision, the marketing strategies, and the commitments required from each business function.


Thanks to this comprehensive business plan, the product was launched within the planned timeline and its commercialization started seamlessly from the start.

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