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Stay meaningful, engaging and relevant in a changing world.

Let us guide you through your brand definition journey.


Through questions and discussions, we help you define and clarify your vision of what your business is about and what you aspire it to become.


Ultimately, your clients, employees & stakeholders will better understand your business, your purpose, and your objectives through a clear, appealing, and meaningful brand identity.

Examples of Deliverables:

  • Corporate Brand

  • Product Brand

  • Employer Brand

  • Mission, Vision & Values

  • Value Proposition

  • Positioning

  • Brand Platform

  • Brand Identity



  • Workshops

  • Research

  • Documentation

  • Retroaction

  • Brand Document & Templates


This high-tech company needed a new branding to convey its new reality and start a new phase of its corporate journey.

An in-depth branding definition project was executed in record time.


This high-tech mid-sized company had a complex offering which could serve many different vertical markets. However, the last branding exercise was done 12 years before and was no longer relevant as the business had evolved. A major brand revamp was much needed.


After numerous workshops, one internal survey, another survey to major partners and customers, many one-on-one discussions with the client’s executives, and several iterations, the new brand was defined. It was far from the old one and much better able to convey the current reality and to evolve with the business for years to come.


By the end of this brand journey, the client had a new set of personas, targeted markets, mission, value proposition, tagline, visual identity, and logo that they could implement in their internal and external communications and processes.

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