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Office Work in Open Spaces - Alypsa Outs


Speed-up your growth and extend your team’s reach by outsourcing some of

your marketing activities

We provide 2 types of outsourcing services: Management and Operations.


When lack of resources, volume of work and time constraints are all working against you, it may be more efficient to outsource some of your marketing and communication activities.

You choose the number of outsourcing hours per month you need, and the Alypsa resource becomes part of your team for a specified amount of time and reports back to someone on your leadership team.

Examples of Outsourcing Services:


Management (roles & mandates)

  • CMO or Marketing Director on demand

  • Creating a marketing function

  • Reorganizing a marketing department

  • Hiring and coaching of new employees

  • Managing a marketing team


Operations (roles)

  • Content creator

  • Copywriter / Translator

  • Event organizer

  • Digital specialist

  • Partnership manager

  • Community manager, etc.


A start-up wanted to create a marketing function. They opted for an outsourced marketing director to lead this project.


This start-up wanted to create a marketing and communication function, define its brand foundations, develop its first marketing and communication plan, create its digital marketing infrastructure and hire some marketing resources to take care of ongoing marketing activities. 

However, they did not want to commit to a high salary for the long term. Instead, they chose to outsource the marketing direction for several months until the new function, foundations and hiring were completed - after which, the acting Marketing Director let the new team members take over.

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